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About Us

Your Vaughan and Toronto destination for results-driven skin and body treatments. Mantra Beauty is your one-stop-shop for feeling your best.

Ready to reflect your best self?

At Mantra we work hard to maintain a safe, inclusive, and trusting space for our Vaughn and Toronto community. All services, equipment and products are carefully handpicked by our team, we carry only top-quality technologies to ensure efficacy, safety, and peace of mind. Whether you are looking for non-surgical fillers, a rejuvenating facial or skin treatment, or laser hair removal, Mantra Beauty paves the way for you to experience your best self. Let us take care of you, you deserve it.

Meet Priya

Mantra Beauty was founded by skin expert and visionary, Priya K.

Mantra was meticulously built to provide real solutions to help you celebrate the skin you’re in on your terms. Priya’s extensive experience in the beauty industry is the steppingstone that led to the creation of Mantra Beauty. After years of exhausting resources and skin treatments to no avail, Priya took matters into her own hands. It was time to experience stepping into her best self, now it’s time for you too.

Our mantra is your happiness both on the inside and outside, promoting confidence in a trusting environment."

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